Rule of Bum: a girl's guide to wearing leggings

February 02, 2016

Now that Spring is almost here, and the promise of warmer days just a weather report away, leggings are out in full force, and maybe it's the influence of celebs like Lindsay Lohan (consider your role models, ladies!), but I can't help but notice all the seemingly sensible women stepping out of doors wearing leggings in lieu of pants. The number of sightings is truly disturbing and with the legging trend still going strong, I thought it our duty to remind wayward fashionistas how to wear them and, most importantly, how not to wear them.   Leggings are:   Let's get one thing straight: leggings  tights, which, like fishnets, thigh-highs and Spanx, are another category of hosiery. Hosiery is an...

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